ZAZ Produkte is a company for all sort of Clothing and Gloves in Germany and having Manufacturing factory in Pakistan.

We believe in good profits not only for us as well for our customers without compromising the Quality of our products and services.This made us possible after a vast experience of manufacturing of our product.

Our focus and vision for Sports industry is not new as this is our third generation in this business, and every Generation take the Industry to a new era. We always develop latest techniques in the manufacturing to give our 100%.


ZAZ Provides the following high levels of : -

- Customer Service - Customisation of Products In-House
- Clear & Concise Communication
- Complete Customer Satisfaction
- Competitive Prices
- Confidence in Ordering
- Complete Peace of Mind

Now an Eye to our Manufacturing.

We are proud to announce that we manufacture all our products under One roof so its not a factory but a small industry you can say.

Following in-house Devices help to make the Product in Good Shape, and fast deliveries.
- 2 Computerised Embroidery Machines
- 18 Heat Transfer
- 2 Fully automatic direct print Machine with 42 work station.
- 1 Computerised plotter for pattern.
- 1000 Sewing machines for Different Sections.
- 1500 total worker
- Production Factory is Certified with Following Certifications

Production Capacity : 300.000 Pieces / Month

Our Product Range :
- Active Wear
- Sportswear
- Outer wear
- Teamsports
- Winter clothing
- All sort of gloves

This extra edge over other manufacturers is made possible due to its “CONTINUOUSLY STRIVE FOR IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION” concept which has become a daily practice in the company.

We are ready to take sports to the next level, so let’s shake hands to make it Possible.

Thanking you and looking forward to have business together soon.

Kind Regards
ZAZ Team.